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“Technically speaking, a minisplit is an air-source heat pump (ASHP), relying on the extreme temperature change a refrigerant goes through when compressed or allowed to expand again. The word “mini” comes from the fact that these systems originally were small, individual units, and the word “split” refers to how the heat pump is divided into indoor and outdoor units, with one fan and one coil in each and refrigerant lines running between.

Deployed properly, minisplits are a very quiet, very efficient source of heating and cooling. They are also increasingly versatile, thanks to a proliferation of new products and solutions led by major overseas manufacturers like Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Daikin, and LG, and followed by traditional U.S. players Lennox, Carrier, and others.

As they have been from the beginning, single-point ductless minisplits are hard to beat for all-year comfort in single-room additions and renovations—simpler and less costly to install than tying into an existing HVAC system, and more energy-efficient than stand-alone solutions for heating and cooling.”

Read more about mini-split systems here.

Aside from single-zone ductless systems, there are also multi-zone units. These are also referred to as multi-split systems. The difference is that the outdoor unit connects to one OR more indoor units. This allows for the control of temperature in different zones or rooms in your home. Depending on your needs a single-zone or multi-zone ductless system may be better suited.

Temperature Control Specialties has both single-zone and multi-zone systems developed by Trane. If you’re interested in having either ductless system installed call us at (317) 247-7663 or visit our ductless systems page for more information.