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“Five students and one adult were taken to a hospital on Wednesday after an air conditioner in a classroom malfunctioned, the Ocala high school’s principal said.

Lake Weir High School Principal Colleen Wade confirmed on Wednesday that an air conditioner in one of the school’s classrooms malfunctioned and sent fumes into the air. Teachers and students inside the room were evacuated outside.

The school said that paramedics responded and took four students and one adult to the hospital as a precaution. A parent took a fifth student to the hospital as well.”

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Thankfully, no one was seriously injured and classes have now resumed. Although no cause has been determined, we suspect that lack of regular maintenance contributed to the malfunction. In many cases, such incidents could be avoided with qualified and experienced HVAC technicians inspecting these units. Too often, we see that businesses, schools, and homeowners wait until a problem occurs to resolve them.

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