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“According to the CDC, a restaurant in Guangzhou, China, was the source of an outbreak affecting 10 people from three different families who dined there on Jan. 23. One person in a four-person family was carrying the virus, although they did not experience symptoms until after that date. But COVID-19 is a disease spread through droplet transmission, and large droplets only remain in the air for a short time and generally travel less than one meter. As the affected families were sitting farther apart than that, the CDC determined that another factor assisted the spread: air conditioning.

The CDC determined that because the air outlet and return air inlet for the restaurant’s central air conditioner was located above the infected area, the droplets were most likely transmitted by that ventilation. It’s a scary prospect, but what does it mean in practice? We asked an expert what precautions you should be taking. And for more health advice, check out 7 Silent Symptoms of Coronavirus Seniors Need to Know.”

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Researchers say that air conditioners move small droplets of water throughout the air which may be able to carry the coronavirus and potentially recirculate in your home. Unless someone in your household is infected, you shouldn’t worry about transmission through your AC system. However, if you live in an apartment complex with shared central air, it’s recommended you contact your landlord for further information on that unit.

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