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“So, when deciding between buying one or more room or window air conditioners or a central air conditioning system, ask yourself the following:

Do you own your house? If you don’t, you’re stuck with room air conditioners unless you can talk your landlord into installing central AC.

Will one or two room AC units do the job? If so, this is probably your best answer because you can get AC working quickly and relatively inexpensively, and your energy bills will be lower than they would be if you were running central air conditioning.

Will it take more than two room or window AC units to meet your cooling needs? If so, you’re at the tipping point. The cost of three or more room AC units would make a good down-payment on central air conditioning. And operating three or more room AC units can boost your electric bills to more than the cost of running central AC.”

Read more about deciding factors by visiting this link.

Perhaps the biggest concern for homeowners thinking about investing in a central AC unit is the cost. Yes, these units are significantly more expensive than window units. However, once you start adding up the long-term savings in regards to efficiency and convenience, that initial cost starts to make sense. Additionally, removing window units will result in less noise making for a more peaceful and quieter home.

Temperature Control Specialties offers installation and maintenance services for central air conditioner units and more. As an authorized Trane dealer, we have their latest and most advanced AC units available for purchase and set up. Visit our cooling page or call us at (317) 247-7663 for more information.