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“The West Fargo School District says due to an HVAC unit issue, the heat had to be turned off inside the building. That led to all students being dismissed at 10:30 a.m.

It wasn’t an early weekend however, as students did have to continue their classes online in normal blocks. You can read the full statement from the district below.

“This morning, a significant issue was identified with the building’s HVAC unit, which controls our heat. To best address this issue, the contractor needs to shut the entire unit down, meaning the building will be without heat.

We will be dismissing students from onsite learning at 10:30AM. Buses will run at that time. Students will connect virtually with their teachers for blocks 3 and 4 this afternoon; they will connect with their block three teacher starting at 12:30PM and will receive additional information on academic expectations for the remainder of their day.”

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The exact issue pertaining to the HVAC system was not exactly clear. However, turning off the heat in an area and at a time where temperatures are often in the teens or single digits is certainly a safety hazard. Fortunately for the school, the incident occurred on a Friday when technicians would have a full weekend to resolve the problem.

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