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“New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo is providing funding of up to $15 million (£11m) for a pilot project to install community thermal systems in buildings to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The new Community Heat Pump Systems Pilot Programme is inviting proposals for research, design and construction of community thermal systems using heat pump technology that serves multiple buildings.

The heating and cooling of buildings is responsible for around 33% of all greenhouse gas emissions in New York State, with demand for energy growing every year.

Ground-source heat pumps are believed to be highly energy efficient and cost effective systems, which transfer heat or cold air to and from the ground using underground temperature as a heat source in the winter and cooling source in the summer.”

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Using heat pumps has become one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool homes and buildings. Units that feature variable speed fans have the ability to adjust as the outside temperature changes. This drastically reduces any unnecessary energy that would be otherwise wasted. In fact, Trane’s popular XV18 heat pump may save homeowners up to 56% in energy savings versus other conventional heating sources.

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