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“Preventative maintenance may sound like a fancy way of saying “housekeeping,” but it is much more important than that. Preventative care includes checking for potential problems, ensuring systems function correctly, and even performing system upgrades. It is essentially taking a proactive approach to maintaining the property you rent out. As a rental property owner, keeping up with preventative maintenance will help you save money and headaches in the long run.

An HVAC system is like a car: you must maintain it regularly to run smoothly. And just like cars, when preventative maintenance on an HVAC system is neglected, small problems can suddenly become expensive repairs. During a preventative maintenance visit, an HVAC technician will inspect the equipment, test for any issues, and make sure all the elements are clean and free from debris. They’ll also check refrigerant levels and ensure the unit is putting out enough air. And, of course, you can’t forget that pesky air filter. It’s important to change it regularly, too – if not, you risk poor air quality due to dust buildup in your vents.”

Learn more about HVAC preventative maintenance here.

An easy maintenance task you can do on your own is checking and replacing the air filter. A clogged air filter will make your HVAC unit work harder and also increase energy usage. Not only will your bill get larger but it could cause damage to your system requiring major repair work.

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