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1. Save Money
Here are ways preventive maintenance benefits your bottom line.

  • Prevent costly breakdowns
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Extend the life of your system
  • Stay protected under warranty

2. Improve Your Air Quality
The EPA reports that indoor levels of airborne pollutants may be 2-5 times higher (in extreme cases more than 100 times higher) than outdoor levels. This is particularly significant if you or any family members suffer from respiratory issues such as asthma.

3. Improve Your Comfort
You depend on your HVAC system to keep you comfortable year round. Regular maintenance helps your system produce and distribute the warm or cool air more evenly and steadily. It also reduces the odds that you’ll come home from work one winter’s day to find frigid air blasting through your vents.”

Read more details on these reasons as well as a couple more points on HVAC maintenance here.

Think of your HVAC system like your car. The expectation should be that components need to be checked on a regular basis in order to prevent further damage to the entire unit. With cars, tires must be rotated, oil changed and other minor services performed to avert a catastrophe. An HVAC unit is no different and waiting for service until a problem arises will likely cost significantly more than an annual maintenance contract.

At Temperature Control Specialties, our services include installation, repair and regular maintenance of HVAC systems. To learn more, visit our services page or call us at (317) 247-7663 with any questions you may have.