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“It’s not always a specific machine that’s broken, it could be the whole system. So critical thinking — the ability to look at a problem from different angles to hit on the right solution — is key.

“You need to have a good sense of how the equipment works. And you need to have the ability to take a problem from the beginning to the end successfully. Someone may know how to work with their hands and with tools but may not know how to deliver a finished project.”

Though the work can be difficult, it is possible to start a career in HVAC right out of high school. Trade school is not a prerequisite to becoming an installer or technician, according to Lednyak, who prefers to train people on the job.

The best HVAC technicians are quick thinkers who naturally enjoy tackling technical problems, he says.”

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An HVAC technician should be able to accurately and quickly determine the root cause of a heating or cooling unit. Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies who either blatantly misdiagnose problems or are too lazy to find the specific issue at hand. Much like consumers need to trust their auto mechanic as it relates to fixing their car, that same trust is necessary in the HVAC industry.

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