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“A study has found that 55 percent of people admit to arguing over the temperature in their homes, and 35 percent of Brits say they just can’t agree with their partners about the ideal temperature. Hey, it’s not easy living with someone else, especially one of those people who is always cold. On average, it’s men who prefer to keep the house colder, whereas women, who are nine times more likely to get cold hands and feet, prefer a warmer home. Additionally, women are far more sensitive to changes in temperature than men. The study found that the perfect temperature, or rather the one that keeps arguing at bay, is 71 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius.) Is that too warm or too cold for you? Our hosts are weighing in this morning and we hope you will join us for a Monday edition of GTU.”

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Anyone who has been in a long-term relationship living with a significant other has probably had this temperature argument before. It’s basic biology that in many cases men feel warmer than women in the same setting. Thankfully with a multi-zone ductless system temperatures can be set differently for various rooms. It’s a great solution to avoid fighting over the thermostat especially for large families living together.

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