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“When most people think about air quality, they’re typically thinking about outdoor pollution. However, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the air inside your home can be as polluted, or even more so, than the air outside. The concentrations of some indoor pollutants can be as much as 2-5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations.

This is partly due to increasingly energy-efficient home construction and the growing use of synthetic materials in furnishings and interior finishes.

The air inside your home also contains pollutants from everyday activities like cooking, bathing and cleaning. A family of four can produce the equivalent of 22-30 pounds of moisture per day from normal activities, according to the Institute of Specialist Surveyors and Engineers, while household cleaners and products like paint, upholstery, carpeting and plastics can release chemicals containing volatile organic compounds. Pets and dust mites also contribute to poor air quality.”

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Studies have shown that Americans spend approximately 90% of their day inside. Therefore the need for clean and fresh indoor air is extremely important to one’s long-term health. There is the misconception that an HVAC system is sufficient enough to provide reliable air quality. In fact, HVAC only circulates air throughout rooms at homes and businesses.

In order to have the best indoor air quality possible, you’ll need to have an air filtration system and a humidifier. At Temperature Control Specialties we offer both solutions for your comfort and health. Go to our air quality page or call us at (317) 247-7663 for more details.