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“As businesses prepare to increase building occupancy, Trane recently introduced a new suite of services to help building owners and operators bring people back indoors with confidence.

The four new service offerings – Trane Indoor Air Quality Assessment; Trane System Startup; Trane Energy Checkup; and Trane Remote Services – align to the latest HVAC industry guidelines and can be customized and scaled to meet the specific needs of each building.

“Every building is unique and deserves a proper assessment by trained professionals – especially as buildings emerge from unplanned states of vacancy or reduced occupancy,” said Simmons. “Trane professionals take into account the building’s purpose, age, condition, climate, and occupancy trends, and identify opportunities to improve indoor air quality conditions and building performance in line with a building owner’s broader goals.””

Read more about Trane’s commitment to servicing businesses here.

As the U.S. slowly starts to open businesses and the buildings they occupy, the systems that these businesses rely on must be ready to regularly function again. Trane, a worldwide leader in HVAC equipment and service, has created unique solutions to face these challenges with its new commercial services. Considering that many businesses have been shuttered for months, the importance of safely and properly restarting such vital HVAC components can not be understated.

At Temperature Control Specialties our partnership with Trane focuses on the residential side of the HVAC industry. With lockdown restrictions easing and the summer season beginning, we understand how many homeowners are eager to host their own celebrations such as BBQ’s and parties. Naturally, you’ll want your home to be comfortable for your guests and there’s nothing worse than having an issue suddenly occur with your central AC or air handler unit. Not to worry though as our technicians are well-equipped at solving such problems.

Call us at (317) 247-7663 or visit our services page to learn more about our residential services. We look forward to helping you kick off your summer season in a comfortable fashion!