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“It looks like the White House may finally be listening to a recommendation from the CDC … it’s replacing the HVAC systems in some pretty historic buildings.

According to official documents, obtained by TMZ, Uncle Sam is shelling out $1,956,924.38 to replace HVAC systems at the Jackson Place Townhouse Complexes. The townhouses include the President’s Guest House, better known as the Blair House, as well as a slew of other townhouses on the block that begins at 700 Jackson Place … right near the White House.

The CDC has previously issued guidelines to employers on how to protect staff and others to slow the spread of the virus. Among the recommendation includes improving HVAC systems and/or finding ways to increase the percentage of outdoor air that makes up the air inside buildings. The order for the new HVAC systems, according to the doc, was solicited October 27 and it’s slated to be completed around January 2022. It’s a huge task.”

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One of those buildings scheduled for new HVAC, The Blair House, has a staggering 119 rooms. That’s a lot of work that needs to be done! While $2 million is certainly a lot of money to plunk down in a lump sum, thousands of dollars were spent on repairs for prior years. Having a new HVAC system will save money in the long run while also improving efficiency for heating and cooling.

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