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“Robocalls have been targeting the vulnerable and unsuspecting for years, so it’s no surprise that the scumbags would take advantage of the current global catastrophe to enhance their scams. The FCC warns that it has received numerous reports of coronavirus-related robocall cons in the wild — here’s what to look for.

While previous robocall scams threatened IRS penalties or promised free vacations, the new ones are using both pandemic-related and personal information to make what could for some be a pretty convincing pitch.

The FCC post has some examples, including audio, of some of these scams, in case you’re wondering what it might sound like to receive a malicious HVAC solicitation.”

Read about this story here.

If you believe you’ve been the victim of an attempted COVID-19 related scam you should report the incident to the FCC. During times of tragedy and great duress, there are some people who want to profit at the expense of others. In most cases, companies will not reach out to you unless it relates to a specific issue with a product of theirs you’ve purchased.

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