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Affordable Air Conditioning

Moving to super-high efficiency heat pump technology for water heating and space heating reduces climate pollution by avoiding the use of fossil gas (aka “natural” gas) or propane. But heat pumps also offer cooling using the same equipment—just press a button and you get a nice cool breeze while a heatwave rages outside. Moving from an old, inefficient air conditioner to a high-efficiency heat pump could reduce energy used for cooling by up to 50 percent (or even more if replacing an old window AC unit), helping to decrease strain on the grid during peak hours. In addition, with a heat pump, families that mostly need heating during the winter can also occasionally benefit from in-home cooling to protect against sudden and life-threatening spikes in temperature like we’ve seen this week in California.”

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It’s a bit of a confusing name, heat pump, because while they do heat your home and water, they’re also very effective at cooling your home too. Furthermore, heat pumps do not burn fossil fuels which means less harmful impact on the environment and less energy consumption. The rolling blackouts in California could be prevented if the majority of people used heating and cooling technology like heat pumps.

The technicians at Temperature Control Specialties can help transform the way your home is heated and cooled with a variety of Trane Heat Pump products. Visit our heat pump page to learn more or call us at (317) 247-7663 with any questions!