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“To help building managers evaluate air quality and navigate how to improve it, Trane, creator of comfortable, energy-efficient indoor environments, offers the Trane® Indoor Air Quality Assessment. The assessment identifies areas of improvement and provides concrete guidance to optimize indoor air quality, including:

  • A report with actionable, strategic recommendations to improve indoor air quality
  • Guidance on what systems to update or improve to address critical issues
  • Options to implement recommendations and a documented list of completed results

The assessment focuses on four critical areas of indoor air quality: dilute, exhaust, contain, and clean.”

Read about these areas and more on the assessment here.

Now that businesses have slowly begun to re-open, there’s been an extra emphasis on air quality as it relates to COVID-19. There is still so much uncertainty about how this virus is transmitted, thus the importance of ensuring the best air quality possible. As a world-wide leader in HVAC, Trane is at the forefront of technology that helps provide clean, toxin-free air. They offer several products for businesses that will meet or exceed the needs of clean air.

At Temperature Control Specialties, we know that air quality is important to homeowners too. That’s why we’re proud to offer Trane air cleaners suited for household environments. The Trane CleanEffects™ removes up to 99.98% of allergens and requires no filters to buy. Call us at (317) 247-7663 to learn more about the air quality-related products we offer.