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“Both Canada and the United States are suffering through a heat wave. Thus far, the BBC reports, more than 65 people have died in British Columbia, while, in the United States, there have been “at least a dozen deaths in Washington and Oregon.” The technical causes of these deaths are multifarious, and yet one variable stands out: A disproportionate number of the deceased did not have access to air-conditioning.

It is fashionable around this time of year for click-hungry outlets to run pieces condemning A/C. Sometimes, the argument is that air-conditioning is unnecessary. Sometimes, the argument is that air-conditioning is making us weak. Occasionally, the argument is that air-conditioning is sexist. Always, the arguments are silly. Far from being a problem, air-conditioning is a top-five-of-all-time invention. Even better: It saves lives.”

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The author of this article goes on to recount his stay in France during the summer of 2003. At that time, he recalls that over an estimated 14,000 people died due to the effects of the heatwave. The lack of adequate cooling units was so bad that not even portable fans were readily available for purchase. The result was that many elderly people suffered greatly while others had to tough it “out”.

Debating whether air conditioning is a luxury or a necessity doesn’t change the fact that they do indeed save lives. No one should have to live in uncomfortable temperatures for an extended period of time. The professionals at Temperature Control Specialties are dedicated to providing AC installation, maintenance, and repair service to residents and business owners in the Indianapolis area. Call us at (317) 247-7663 or visit our services page to learn more.