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“An important aspect to consider before embarking on an HVAC system upgrade is the status of the building. What’s the age and condition of the building? What are the heat gain and loss properties of the structure?

A holistic look at the entirety of a building should always be a prerequisite when considering an HVAC upgrade. It’s important to inspect and evaluate the system’s function in every aspect, including duct work placement and condition, grills and vents and their locations. The reality is if the most energy-efficient equipment is installed on a poor distribution system, the end result is still a poor system. An HVAC upgrade has to be understood and looked at in terms of an overall package.”

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If you’re a building owner who suspects their HVAC system needs a boost in efficiency, a consultation with a qualified HVAC contractor should provide you some answers. The goal is to save you money in the long run while keeping your buildings’ temperature at an adequate level for comfort and productivity. Being proactive in an HVAC upgrade may also you save you the future headache of dealing with problems down the road with your current system.

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