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“By now, most people know that these home devices can have huge benefits to your health during the winter, or that they’re just one more way to keep our favorite plant babies alive, but the best-kept secret about humidifiers is that they should be used regularly during the summer. “They’re especially great for those with cracked skin, dry lips, psoriasis, eczema, and dry skin,” says Guarín. All of which are realities that don’t magically turn off when the temps hike. But skin care isn’t the only reason to run your humidifier year-round. Turns out there are lots of perks.

“When you are experiencing allergies and skin flare ups, you may notice itching of the eyes or skin, nasal congestion, and headaches amongst other reactions, which could lead to lack of sleep,” says Danielle DiCamillo, LCSW, a licensed therapist practicing in New York City.

So humidifiers can support someone’s mental wellness by helping them sleep more comfortably, explains DiCamillo. They do this by mitigating some of the downsides of sleeping with the AC on, which can include airway irritation due to the lack of humidity they create. And while you’re awake, they can promote calmness and help you breathe easier for the same reasons, two things Catherine Zack, meditation teacher and mindfulness coach, says can support the continuity of your meditation or breathwork practice.”

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While there are many different options and models for portable humidifiers, none can really offer the precise regulation that a whole-house humidifier offers. Having the right amount of moisture in every room means you can spend your time anywhere in your home without suffering from dry skin and other irritants. While the cool air that air conditioning provides is refreshing, many people are unaware just how much it can change the recommended level of humidity.

The team at Temperature Control Specialties has several options available for whole-house humidifiers. Visit our humidifiers page to see what’s available or call us at (317) 247-7663 with any questions.