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“Nature Energy published a study last fall by the Center for Global Sustainability (CGS) analyzing how the installation of energy-efficient heat pumps impacts the value of U.S. homes.

CGS surveyed 500,000 homes across 23 U.S. states and discovered that heat pumps are adding between $10,400 and $17,000 worth of value, alongside providing a more energy-efficient approach to heating and cooling homes.

Heat pumps are one way the American economy is being electrified in an effort to reduce carbon emissions. They offer a viable alternative to fossil-fuel-burning applications like furnaces and boilers and, with temperatures rising year on year, cater to the increased need for cooling.”

Check out the full article here.

In many cases, your home’s existing ductwork can be used in conjunction with a heat pump. This makes installation costs significantly less and cuts down on the necessary setup time. While having a heat pump installed is certainly no small project, the money saved over the years will make it all worthwhile.

Temperature Control Specialties offers heat pumps by Trane, a leading manufacturer in the HVAC industry. Visit our heat pumps page or call us at (317) 247-7663 to learn how this new technology can make your home more energy-efficient while also increasing its value.