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“A fire at a five-story apartment complex in Annapolis was caused by a malfunctioning furnace and injured one person Friday afternoon, the Annapolis Fire Department officials said.

The patient was treated for minor burns and refused medical transport after firefighters were dispatched at 12:41 p.m. and first arriving units saw the garden-style complex on Americana Circle had smoke coming from the back of the building, according to a news release. They extinguished a fire in the basement apartment furnace room coming from a gas leak.

The gas was shut off and the building was evacuated.”

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According to the article, it took approximately 60 firefighters to put out the fire. It was estimated that damages were around $50,000. One of the common causes of furnace-related fires is due to the motor overheating. This can happen if the filter gets too dirty which prevents air flow. In turn, this restriction of air flow will force the motor to work harder which may lead to overheating.

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