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“All smart thermostats require a Wi-Fi connection and a smartphone for full functionality. They can be programmed and controlled via a smartphone app, allowing you to adjust your home’s temperature even when you aren’t there. They can also be programmed for a variety of conditions beyond the typical time windows available on standard programmable thermostats. For example, some smart thermostats also have the ability to detect whether you’re home or not and will adjust the temperature according to your “away” preferences.

All smart thermostats feature a display screen so you can make adjustments from the thermostat itself. Some pair with smart home hubs for voice control too. However, full functionality requires a smartphone app, which differs for every product. Smart thermostats will also continue to heat and cool your home without a Wi-Fi connection but will lose certain functions, like the “away” feature and voice control.”

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Trane’s ComfortLink II™ has wowed consumers for about a decade now with several enhancements along the way. The ability to control room-specific temperatures while away makes far-off vacations much less stressful. No matter what the weather forecast looks like, one can simply program or make adjustments accordingly. You don’t need a special device to make these changes either.

Since Trane has partnered with appmaker Nexia, accessing and changing your home’s climate control system is as easy as navigating their IOS or android-based application. This app obviously allows for temperature adjustments but also to set a schedule and receive alerts. Furthermore, the Nexia app also pairs with certain home security products making this a one-stop-shop for monitoring one’s home while away.

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