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“Q: We recently moved into our home, and now that it’s getting cold, we’re concerned because the furnace isn’t turning on. We know we need to get it working before the pipes freeze but have no idea what the problem is. Can we troubleshoot the issue of a furnace not turning on before calling a technician?

Make sure the thermostat is on.
The most obvious solution for a furnace not turning on is often the one that is most frequently overlooked: Some folks neglect to check the thermostat—the part of your heating system that assesses the room’s temperature and allows you to set and adjust the desired temperature. A thermostat is typically installed on one of the main walls in your home, around the same height as a light switch.

Ensure the gas is turned on.
Any gas furnace will have a valve or gas cock located within 6 feet of the unit. Furnace valve design varies, but they often include a little disk with a small handle or lever on it. Other gas valves can look like little boxes, while others still can resemble a lever about the size of your index finger (often brightly colored).

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Another thing you’ll want to check to ensure your furnace is operating correctly is the power switch. Typically this will look like a regular light switch. In most cases, this switch should be on but perhaps it was turned off by a technician or another person accidentally. Also, make sure to replace the air filters regularly as this could severely impact the performance of your heater.

If all else fails call the professionals at Temperature Control Specialties by dialing (317) 247-7663. We’re available 24/7 and offer repair service for your furnace as well as regular maintenance.