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“If you have a heat pump, then the indoor unit is the air handler. If you have a furnace, it’s the air handler.

The term refers to the unit housing the blower fan that draws “untreated” air into the system where it “treats” it by removing heat and humidity in summer and adding heat it in winter.

The air handler then pushes it back into your living space.

Single-speed blower motors, aka single-speed air handlers, run “full blast” whenever they are on. The cheapest air handlers and furnaces have single-speed blowers.

Variable speed blowers / air handlers have multiple speeds. They begin at a low speed when the system first starts.

Once it is in full swing heating or cooling the air, the speed ramps up to a higher speed. As the cycle ends, the fan adjusts to a lower speed to blow remaining treated air out of the air handler.”

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One of the most trusted brands in HVAC, Trane, has several excellent air handlers available to consumers. The XB TEM8, for instance, features a variable-speed blower that communicates with the ComfortLink II thermostat. With coils made from all-aluminum, you’re guaranteed better durability than standard copper coils which are prone to corrosion. This is especially useful during the harsh months of winter.

Temperature Control Specialties offers several models of air handlers. Call us at (317) 247-7663 to inquire more about these products or with any questions you may have.