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“The weather is ever-changing, and it seems to be taking a toll on electric bills. Heating and AC units are constantly running as they switch back and forth from warming to cooling in this roller-coaster weather. Despite being unable to keep outside temperatures steady, you can keep your thermostat fixed, and this can help keep money in your pocket!

First, set your thermostat to a temperature you’re comfortable with. Entergy recommends keeping your house at 68 degrees in the winter, as each degree higher can add 3% to your bill.

  • Making sure heat registers or air returns are not blocked by curtains or furniture so air can circulate
  • Sealing air leaks by installing weatherstripping around doors, windows and any location where there may be a path between the inside and outside of your home or business
  • Leveraging the sun by opening curtains and blinds during the day to let warm sunlight in, then closing them at night to reduce heat loss”

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If you have ceiling fans in your home you’ll want to make sure that you they turn clockwise for circulation rather than blowing cold air on you. Also, for homeowners with typical gas water heaters make sure you have a jacket around it to keep it insulated from the chill of your basement.

The professionals of Temperature Control Specialities offer programmable thermostats from Trane to help maintain your home’s temperature. Call us at (317) 247-7663 to learn how we can save you money on your heating bill!