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““Programming your thermostat is the easiest way to set it and forget it in a way that it adapts to your schedule. You’re staying comfortable but also you can program it in a way to continue to save energy even during the winter months,” Holaday explained.

Programmable thermostats save approximately $100 per year.

“In the wintertime, if your house is a little bit colder, it’s actually going to lose less energy,” Holaday said. “The farther the difference is from the inside temperature to the outside temperature, that’s when you lose the most energy.

Also, keeping your thermostat at 68 saves 10% on bills.

“We want to program a setback, meaning you want to set back your temperature for about 8 hours a day from 7 to 10 degrees from where you have normally, and that set back that’s where you see the energy savings, and it won’t take more energy to get back up to comfort.”

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Another useful tip for saving money with your programmable thermostat is to set the temperature a few degrees lower than your standard setting during the night. Since you’ll likely be sleeping during that time, you and your family won’t mind a slightly cooler temperature. In the morning, before you wake up, you can have the thermostat raise the temperature again which will add up to extra money throughout the year.

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