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“I have been extremely pleased with my trane xv20i. Unit was purchased in April 2020. The unit is extremely quiet. It has decreased my energy bills from highs of 350 dollars during the summer to $220. It has decreased my energy bill from highs of 220 dollars during the winter months to $150. The winter bills were with running a wood stove as primary heat. Now the whole house stays comfortably warm during the winter.

We purchased this unit about a year ago and it is running great for us. You barely hear it running as compared to the neighbor which is extremely loud. Our home feels comfortable (set at 78 during the day, 73 at night) all the time and our electric bills have not gone over $260 and we live in central FL. Would easily recommend this unit along with the airhandler.”

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The Trane XV20i heat pump provides up to 20 SEER for excellent performance in maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home. Its quiet fan is 4 dB lower than the top competitors’ minimum noise level. Enjoy up to 60% in energy savings when compared with the rating of a matched system.

If you’d like a heat pump installed in your home call Temperature Control Specialties at (317) 247-7663. We’ll discuss the best options that are a good fit for your house!