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Our immune system will respond to the presence of allergens by activating the mucous membranes in our nose and throat, making us cough, sneeze, and our noses run. You may also find that you have itchy, watering eyes, which is another symptom that your immune system is being activated by contaminants in the air.

Symptoms of respiratory diseases such as asthma are often much worse in areas of poor air quality. Airborne contaminants such as smoke, pollen, and dust can trigger asthma attacks, which can be fatal, particularly in children.

Dizziness is another common symptom of poor air quality. Indoor contaminants such as carbon monoxide will often cause feelings of lightheadedness and vertigo, which can indicate that the air you’re breathing might be contaminated. Both carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide can poison you, cause tissue damage, and even cause death if you are exposed to them for too long.”

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Headaches and fatigue are two other indicators that there may be a severe issue with your indoor air quality. If you experience such symptoms frequently, you should have your home tested. In some cases, there could be even more serious problems such as mold exposure.

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