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““Is preventive maintenance really worth the money? I have been thinking about a preventive maintenance contract for my HVAC equipment at home. But I have a friend who tells me that it’s not really worth the money. Is he right? If it is worth the money, what is generally covered in a PM agreement and how often is maintenance service rendered? Is there any situation in which a PM is not worth the money?”

The short answer:

Yes, preventive maintenance really is worth the money. Think of your HVAC equipment like you think of your car – if it gets regular tune-ups, emergency breakdowns are avoided and the life of the equipment is extended, saving you lots of money in the long-run. What’s more, preventive maintenance programs often provide additional benefits for customers, such as waived show-up fees for visits, discounted pricing on parts, and priority scheduling for all service calls. PM’s truly do make good sense!”

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The automobile analogy is the perfect comparison as to why you should have a preventative maintenance contract. Simply put, both a car and HVAC system are large purchases costing thousands of dollars. We’re not talking about a kitchen appliance that you can replace without needing to take out a loan. Oftenttimes the cost of major repairs is much more than what you sacrifice for the peace of mind of a PM contract.

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