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Build a recessed niche above a closet

The bookcase solution has a lot of great examples at Houzz, and the above is one of them designed by Mary Bokovoy of Hood River reDesign, in Hood River, OR

“I designed the bookcase to fill the wall – matching the height of the kitchen cabinets, and allowing for equal drywall space on either side.

The sofa was purchased in advance so we were able to design an inset flat panel directly behind it so it fit seamlessly.

Drop it in a soffit

When I asked Sarah Susanka, she said that she has been contemplating one for her own house and the most practical place so far is to “hide it in a new soffit, such as above the bathroom door …”

That seems like a great place, so I looked for some examples at Houzz and sure enough, found one from Otto/Walker Architects in Park City, Utah (photo above).”

Check more ideas for mini-split aesthetics here.

While there are many more creative ways to hide a mini-split unit, the quickest solution is to just get used to it. Many times, new homeowners obsess over their appearance when the fact is they’ve become much more compact these days. A lot of guests and friends won’t even notice them!

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