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What are the common misconceptions when it comes to indoor air pollution?

There may still be a lack of awareness around indoor air quality as many perceive that only outdoor air is harmful. But home isn’t always a safe haven and indoor air pollution can be worse than outdoors. Some of the myths when it comes to indoor air pollution are….

Indoor air pollution is only present if it can be seen: Most of us believe that smoke coming out of the kitchen or us sensing an unusual odour inside our house could be the only signs of bad air quality. However, air pollution is not always visible to the naked eye. The air inside our house can contain microscopic particles, much smaller than the size of human hair, that you cannot see or contain invisible gases that may be harmful to our health.

Indoor air quality appears to be better than outdoor air quality, where visible clouds of dark smoke can be seen coming out of cars, factories and so on. However, indoor air quality can be up to five times worse than the air outdoors. Many activities that we undertake inside our homes and workplaces release gases, particles, debris, and other contaminants into the air that contribute to poor indoor air quality . For example, air fresheners and deodorants can contain VOCs and benzene, which can be released with the fragrance when sprayed and the cleaning products can contain benzene and household fumes and odours, deteriorating the indoor air quality.”

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Many people just assume that poor indoor air quality only originates from the outside. In reality, things like pet dander and aerosols contribute highly to affecting the quality of air inside one’s home. Of course, smoke and bacteria also play a part in factoring in as well. In order to clean the air a purifying system is necessary.

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