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Just how big are the energy cost savings?

Relative to an electric fan heater or traditional electric hot water service, I calculate a heat pump can save 60-85% on energy costs, which is a similar range to ACT government estimates.

Comparisons with gas are tricky, as efficiencies and energy prices vary a lot. Typically, though, a heat pump costs around half as much for heating as gas. If, instead of exporting your excess rooftop solar output, you use it to run a heat pump, I calculate it will be up to 90% cheaper than gas.

Heat pumps are also good for the climate. My calculations show a typical heat pump using average Australian electricity from the grid will cut emissions by about a quarter relative to gas, and three-quarters relative to an electric fan or panel heater.”

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Statistics show that heat pumps are extremely efficient with their energy usage. According to the data, for every unit of electricity consumed 3 to 6 units of heat are produced from a heat pump. So while the initial costs of installation may be expensive, the thing to remember is that it is an investment that will save you in the long run for many years to come.

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