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What Are Ductless Mini-Splits?

Mini-split air conditioners and heat pumps feature one outdoor compressor and one indoor air handler that’s mounted on the wall, floor, or ceiling. These systems can heat and cool one room, a garage, or a community area with approximately 300 square feet of floor space. A multi-split might be your best option if you need extra heating or cooling in more than one area.

What Are Ductless Multi-Splits?

Ductless multi-splits let you add a flexible number of indoor air handlers to one compressor. A typical multi-split can heat and cool between two and eight zones. These systems are ideal for stuffy upstairs bedrooms, multi-room additions, and complex installations. Multi-splits provide building-wide HVAC with personalized controls that let each occupant adjust the temperature and airflow in their zone.

Choosing a Ductless HVAC System

If your home has significant temperature imbalances across multiple rooms, a ductless multi-split is probably the best choice. These products address each occupant’s concerns, and the zoned design can increase your savings if you have rooms that are rarely used or only need extra heating and cooling during certain times of the year.”

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So what’s the purpose of a mini-split then if it is just used for one zone? Think of it as an extension of your existing HVAC unit. Oftentimes, a mini-split can be installed in places where ductwork can not reach or isn’t set up. This makes for an inexpensive alternative for rooms or areas that would otherwise have an unregulated temperature.

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