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“If you go shopping for an “air purifier” or “air cleaner,” you’ll find plug-in units that stand in a corner of a room. They suck air in, filter it—ideally through a HEPA filter—and blow it back out. Manufacturers’ tests show that these units do remove particulates from the air, which may include pollen or dust.

That said, there is a major caveat: There is no conclusive evidence that air purifiers substantially improve people’s asthma or allergy symptoms. The EPA says that they may “possibly” improve symptoms, based on research that shows small improvements. But we do know that they remove something from the air, and many people—myself included—anecdotally find that our symptoms improve when we have an air purifier going.

Last winter, it seemed like my allergy symptoms would act up every time I laid down in bed. I had already encased my mattress, pillows, and duvet in dust-mite-proof covers, which helped. But then I thought I might as well try getting an air purifier, as well. Within the first day or two, those bedtime symptoms stopped happening. Can I prove the air purifier cured me? No. But am I going to keep using it? You bet.”

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While the facts surrounding stand-alone units for air cleaners maybe murky, there is no doubt about the effectiveness of Trane’s CleanEffects™ air cleaner. Tests have shown it to remove up to 99.98% of allergens. In fact, it traps particles as small as .1 micron in size. Cleaning your house just became easier as this unit will eliminate around 50% of dust too!

For more information on CleanEffects™ air cleaner, contact the Temperature Control Specialties team at (317) 247-7663. We look forward to hearing from you!