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There are repeating maintenance issues that need attention during a maintenance call. When ignored, they can slowly destroy an HVAC system. Common problems include:

  • Dirt and crud that gradually accumulates.
  • Condensate blockage causing overflow and costly damage to a home.
  • Friction resulting in parts not working together as effortlessly as they should (Eventually, these parts grind to a halt and stop working altogether).
  • Electrical shorts from wires rubbing together and tripping the fuse or breaker.
  • Refrigerant leaks causing the equipment to lose the gas that keeps it operating to condition a building.

All these issues result from neglect. They take a long time to show up and often leave no clues they are creating damage until it’s too late. What’s sad is that they are preventable with a little diligence and work.”

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Just like your car, or even yourself, and HVAC system should have regular check-ups. What might be a small inconvenience could ultimately save you from a major headache later on. Consider that routine inspection and maintenance should detect any potential problems that might lead to a catastrophic failure of your HVAC unit. Ask yourself is it worth paying for a service fee in the low hundreds for inspection or risk it and have to pay upwards of thousands for a repair?

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