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“Humans tend to function well when the humidity is between 35-40% saturation. In the winter time, the humidity in the air is very low and warm dry air created by our home’s furnace or air handlers drops the humidity inside our homes even further! Less humidity can bring about nose bleeds, dry skin, respiration problems, and exacerbate already lingering allergy issues. Along with the issues low humidity brings to humans, our pets suffer as well. Concentrations of pet dander in the home skyrocket in homes with humidity issues! To help answer the issue of low humidity, HVAC manufacturers came up with what is known as a whole home humidifier system. Humidifiers are attached to your furnace or air handler’s ductwork and supply water to the air passed through the home’s ductwork.”

Read more about whole house humidifiers here.

There are dozens of smaller room humidifiers on the market. However, you’d have to spend a bit of cash to cover your entire home going this route. Also, there’s the task of needing to refill the water container at least once per day. Imagine having to do that 10-12 times? Doesn’t really make sense!

Temperature Control Specialties offers the greatest and latest whole house humidifiers from Trane. Not just designed for the comfort of you and your family, these humidifiers also help protect floors and mouldings from dryness which might otherwise result in damage. Call us at (317) 247-7663 to inquire about getting a humidifier for your home or visit our humidifier page.