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“If your heat pump was working fine but it suddenly won’t turn off, the reason could be minor or a major. That being said, the 4 major causative factors are: –

Thermostat problems, power loss, broken starters, and broken reversing pump.

Most of the heat pump issues will be revolving around these components. However, by keeping a brief understanding of the common issues, you might be able to solve some of them on your own, meanwhile other major issues, you can always leave under the supervision of a technician.”

Read more about these issues here.

Now if you find that your heat pump isn’t efficiently heating or cooling, there might be several reasons for this. The first thing you want to do is to check if it is blocked by debris. This would restrict airflow. Also if your air filter is dirty this would reduce airflow as well. Both problems can easily be resolved by yourself.

If you’re still having difficulties with your heat pump contact Temperature Control Specialties at (317) 247-7663. We’ll assess the situation and devise a repair plan accordingly. We also sell and install several popular models of Trane heat pumps.