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“We’re all aware of the negative impact pollution can have on our lives. For people who work in cities or live in places with lots of traffic, we often associate pollution with fumes from vehicles. Most of us are also aware of the health issues, like asthma, that excessive pollution can cause.

But, whilst we’re busy thinking about the effects of pollution in our towns, country and even across the world, what about the air quality in our homes?

Unfortunately, this can easily become polluted, too. A study commissioned by the Clean Air Day Campaign found indoor air pollution is over three times worse than outdoor air pollution. When you couple this with the World Health Organization’s statistic that nearly 3% of all diseases worldwide are caused by indoor air pollution, this makes for some pretty shocking reading.”

Read more about the effects of poor indoor air quality here.

So what are some of the causes of indoor air pollution? Cigarette smoke is by far a large offender. However, even non-smoking households aren’t immune to poor air quality. Things like cleaning products, gas cookers, and mold all contribute to lowering the air quality in your home. Exposing yourself or family to these low levels of quality eventually may cause some serious health problems.

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